Want to know where we will be...

  Excited to announce that CTMX will continue under myself Scott Plessinger I’ve taken things over from Jeremy Forcum and plan to carry on the success that his team had!
   I’ve got some things planned for the next season and I know it’s late but happy to be having the Halloween Moto Mayhem race on October 19/20!
  When I heard that chillitown mx was done I knew a lot of people would be at a loss just because this is one of Ohio’s greatest mx facility so I contacted Jeremy and talked about taking it over and that was it we worked on a deal and moved forward and this is where we’re at having a race soon!
   We plan to run the same programs that the original CTMX crew ran and build it up even more!
  Going to try and do some track changes before this event and next season full make over! So our crew is super excited about this and ready to get things rolling!
  The only thing we won’t be doing for this event is pre-registration but will have it for future events!
  We are looking forward to meeting new faces and keeping mx great in Ohio!
  Thanks to everyone that is involved in making all of this happen! S

                              See you all soon!
                               Scott Plessinger

5-6 OCT

19-20 OCT